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Let's Bring Some Traffic To Your Business!

10 Easy To Learn & Implement Methods For Bringing Real Potential Customers To Your Business Online.

I’m Eric Andersen, Founder here at Rocky Point Lane Digital Design & Marketing. Many people think that starting a business online, is as simple as getting their website or mobile app created, and then waiting for the avalanche of hungry customers to come flooding in.

The truth is just the opposite. That is when the hard work begins. If you are trying to bring awareness to your business, your products, or your services, you’re going to need to find 1 or 2 methods for generating consistent traffic. You likely want these methods to be something you can later hand off to an employee or contractor. You don’t want to find yourself sitting behind your computer all day, retweeting, liking, and subscribing to thousands of potential customers, while all your other business duties fall behind.

You want something that is easy for you to learn, duplicate-able/somewhat predictable, and teachable. Some of my favorite methods for obtaining traffic to my websites are listed below. I write this in hopes to help move you in a direction, to start taking action and learn about, and implement some of these methods.

  • Social Media Marketing - Create Unpaid and Paid Campaigns designed to garner engagement, so you can then invite those engaged with the campaign to follow your page.
  • Social Media Engagement Marketing - Like, Share, Comment, and Follow others in your niche industry. Follow especially those people who follow your biggest competitors. If those people follow you back, you’ll be creating a near priceless audience that you know is already interested in your type of product or service.

  • Social Media Forums and Groups - These Specialized Niche Specific arenas are where you will find the early adopters, and the fanatics of your brand. Be extra careful to bring value to these networks though, or you’ll be shunned and even banned. Forum and Group participants can smell Marketing like a rotting fish.

  • Create Viral Content Using Content That Is Already Popular - No need to reinvent the wheel. Do a search on your keywords or phrases in google or any search engine, social network or eCommerce platform for that matter, and you’ll find countless pages of competitors’ content that you can cut, splice, rewrite, and even give credit to, in order to ride the Viral Wave already being generated by the content. (Ex. Search cute puppy videos, find the one with 10 minutes of cute clips, and find the best clips, and splice them together to make an even better piece of content.)

  • Use Traffic Exchanges - A traffic exchange is exactly like what it sounds like. It’s a network of business owners and entrepreneurs that share their offers with one another via a unique controlled browsing mechanism. This is basically the, I’ll scratch your back you scratch my back, of online marketing. The hope is that someone if one of the other businesses on the exchange need something you are selling. This method works best for B2B businesses.

  • Use Safelists - A Safelist is just like a traffic exchange, but for email marketing. You share emails promotions with other businesses that agree to receive such marketing. You in turn will receive their marketing.

  • Create A Blog For SEO ranking - Some of the best traffic is search engine traffic. Rank high in the search engines with unique content tailored to fit your keywords.

  • Generate or Purchase Backlinks to your website or app - Backlinks are links leading back to your website from another website. The higher ranking the website linking back to you is, the better chance you have of being seen as an authority website in turn by the search engines. Quality over Quantity is best. Do Follow Links are what you want.

  • Do Influencer Marketing - Of a Social Media Influencer payment to spread the word to their followers about your products or services.

  • Create an affiliate program - This will help to spread the word about your business through your evangelist customers! Those who love your products most will be rewarded when they spread the word and send people to your service who end up making a purchase. This is a great incentive for word of mouth and social sharing.

These are all the methods you can learn in very little time, and are very effective. I highly recommend mastering them 1 at a time, instead of trying to do too many at once and getting overwhelmed. Quality over Quantity is the name of the game.

With this tool belt of traffic options at your disposal, what are you waiting for now. Get off this page and start bringing in the traffic!

What’s that you say, not very interested in traversing the learning curve on your own? You’d like someone to perhaps lend a hand, or maybe even do it for you?? Well you are in luck!

If you’d like Digital Marketing Services or Consultation feel free to visit and contact me through the “contact page”, or “custom quote” form on the “pricing” page. You can also outright purchase certain basic, non-custom Digital Marketing Services directly from the pricing page.

If all those don’t float your boat, you can definitely email me at with any questions you might have.

Super Serious Inquires Can Call At (608)-234-4597. Ask for Eric. Leave a message if you miss me.

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